Templars in Wisconsin?

It was my privilege and honor to have been invited to share my research with a Templar order in the USA –

Templar Cross in Wisconsin!!!!

The Priory of St. Gabriel of Texas whose Prior is Sir Kevin Dorsey. I wish to also thank the inspirational Dame Ruby Alexandra Beloz of the Priory of Saint James, for her friendship. Both are leaders in the OSMTJ Knights Templar USA.

I am blessed to have met both, virtually, and look forward to sharing more Templar research in the future.

The presentation focused on a location in Wisconsin on the Mohican Reservation where a Templar Cross, sword carving and several monuments have been discovered! The video represents the a glimpse of the book:

The Templar Quest to North America: A Photo Journal

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I chose to protect the identities of other members of the Zoom call. Also, I’d not used Zoom before, so please be patient with me as I ended up in the drivers seat! Mid way through there was a bit of background noise which is bound to happen in the Covid world we all live in now –

I hope this finds you all well and coping. If you are having a tough time, keep in mind that is okay and normal in our wild world.

May you be touched with Moments of Grace and give back a small kindness when you are able to do so – Random Acts of Kindness are a gift to us all when one act is paid forward –

Take care!

Gretchen –

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