Dots, Pellets & Medieval Coins! Oh MY!

What is a pellet or a dot, in medieval symbology and heraldry?

Come with me as I explain the true meaning of this enigmatic but important ‘sign’ often used by the Knights Templar!

I currently have a limited number of signed books and also Templar pendants in my online shop –

3 thoughts on “Dots, Pellets & Medieval Coins! Oh MY!

    1. Hi Sandra,
      I had tried to avoid posting beyond the USA –
      I can change the parameters to include Canada.
      I have rolled the postage into the cost of the book. I will send it to you via Media Mail
      from Washington St. USA

      I have 4 copies left of The Templar Quest to North America as of this email at 4:15 pm Saturday –

      Best wishes,


      1. I Forgot to mention Matilda’s cult of Thomas ABeckett who fall under my direction these days , i can clear those trees so you can see the forest as meridians are navigation lines as is GMT that my families created Benjamin Workman’s Workmans Tables used in navigation today with Robert Wauchope’s ball that drops for ships to set their clocks . These GMT creations are over 2000 yrs old handed down families since the book of Enoch Operarius down to James the Just and the Techton Operarius families until today with Rome always opposing the Opera and Arius families knowledge.

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