On Air Decryption of a Rossi Crosse 1624 Folio

The Ghosts of Bacon is a fantastic podcast for anyone interested in the true identity of Shakespeare… It is a controversy that is not going away anytime soon… Sound familiar? Oak Island has it’s closely guarded secrets as does the famous Bard of England!

Jake Roberts is steeped in the minutia of decoding Shakespeare’s works as are his colleagues, Jayson Mercer and William Russell. The research group also includes John Edwards. Each individual is pursuing their own line of enquiry while teaming up to share information and move the story forward.

The subject is a rich tapestry of the steepest intellectual climbs of Mount Olympus!

John Edwards had to step out of the latest podcast – I was invited to step in with 30 minutes to spare!

It was fantastic to have been involved in this podcast. Watching Jake and Jason, decode the folio on air. The folio was requested by audience members and the challenge was skillfully dealt with, live!

The image in question?

“CRYPTOMENYTICES ET CRYPTHOGRAPHIAE LIBRI IX, in quibus & planisima Stenographiae à Johanne Trithemio…” Author: Gustav Seleni

Whilst I am not a code breaker, I am proficient in understanding angles in paintings, architecture and statuary. I had been a costumer and fantasy medieval wedding dress designer before writing and research took over the bulk of my time. I have a depth of knowledge with historical clothing, armaments and war horses. And of course, the anomalies of history!

I enjoyed sharing historical information as Jake and Jayson deciphered the values of each letter indicated on the masterfully crafted Rossi Crosse image out of past…

I know you’ll enjoy the next hour plus!!!

The Ghosts of Bacon Podcast! With Jake Roberts, Jayson Mercer and Gretchen Cornwall –

Thank you, John Edwards for thinking of me when you were delayed in joining the podcast! It was a privilege to fill in for you…

If you enjoy following my work, please do consider the following links to my colleagues:

Jake Roberts Author of The Holy Trinity Decryption: The Hidden Autobiography of Sir Francis Bacon, Available on Amazon. He is also a Podcaster of The Ghosts of Bacon.

Jayson Mercer: Cryptologist! And frequent guest of Jake Robert’s Podcast.

William Russell: Code Breaker! And frequent guest of Jake Robert’s Podcast.

John Edwards holds a master’s degree from Loyola University, Baltimore. His areas of research include comparative religion and mythology; templar history; uses of symbols and icons from 1118 CE through the Age of Exploration.

Jake asked a few questions about my latest book:

I shared one of my favorite images from inside Chateau de la Rochefoucauld, the famous

Leonardo da Vinci stairwell.

Oak Island’s Mysteries of the Map, House of Rochefoucauld, Statue & Royston Cave

Available on Amazon or signed copies available on this website:

Oak Island’s Mysteries of the Map, House of Rochefoucauld, Statue & Royston Cave

Thank you!

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4 thoughts on “On Air Decryption of a Rossi Crosse 1624 Folio

  1. Fascinating exploration of coded information from the past. Your knowledge of medieval dress and armour gives insight into how people lived in those times.

  2. It was a fantastic conversation and If you have not had a chance to view it, I highly recommend you do. You will witness highly respected individuals (researchers and authors), who possess different skills and knowledge collaborate towards a common goal; getting to the truth. An impressive, educational, informative, and professional display.

    1. I appreciate your support Tom and insights! You are an intelligent man with a deep knowledge of Oak Island! Thank you!

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