Gret Viking Sunstone
Gretchen Cornwall – Holding a piece of Optical Calcite known by the Vikings as the Sunstone.  The Vikings believed it held mystical qualities and used it to find the sun on a cloudy day, making them masters of the sea, enabling them to sail to North America centuries before Columbus.
Gretchen Cornwall at Stonehenge


Gretchen Shugborough
The Shugborough Hall Inscription – See pages 301 – 304 of the Secret Dossier of a Knight Templar of the Sangreal
gretchen at temple ewell
The foundation stones of Temple Ewell.  On the cliffs above Dover Port, England.  Legend has it this small chapel may have been where King John was forced to sign the Magna Carta.  If so, it would have been a cramped situation with angry Barrons & Templars alike, pointing swords at the king.
The Margate Shell Grotto, Margate England.