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Update!! August 20, 2021

I am grateful to have reached my target of raising funds for the flight to Wisconsin. Thank you to all who have shared and donated to the mission. If you would like to participate any amount you choose to donate will go towards expenses. I have opted to leave the donation button up for now…

Thank you for your time, for your care and sharing your passion in the Knights Templar with me!

Update!!! August 13, 2021

I have opted to start a ‘’ campaign based on the suggestion of a friend who donated using my prior PayPal fundraiser. I have a shortfall of $870.00 and thought that the word would be easier to spread from a crowdfunding platform.

I am grateful to be at this point and am hoping that by Monday the 17th, August, I will have met my goal. I have also filmed a video to better explain why I am taking this step towards fundraising.

Update!!! August 9, 2021

Thank you all so much! I am still working on raising the shortfall, but I am very grateful for your help.

Thank you for your supportive comments, interest, donations and also sharing the below link!

$935.00 has been raised towards an international flight & mandatory travel covid testing. With the exchange rate at near to $1.39 to £1.00 Stirling… I am almost at the halfway mark! I will report back towards the end of the week… Thank you so much! I know the wheel will turn and I’ll be at Heathrow soon!

I am booking an emergency flight to the Mohican Reservation in early September. As with millions of other souls around the world, Covid hampered my capacity to continue to catalog the Templar carvings in Wisconsin.

My first book is a photo journal that only scratched the surface of what has been discovered since… But I have to return before winter sets in or vital clues will be lost and already have…

Due to an extended family emergency, along with an unexpected lockdown I was not able to plan a 2nd investigation trip until now.

Wayne Murphy, the Tribal Elder who discovered the Templar carvings and tomb, found that we’d lost two carvings since my first visit to the site over last winter. A fish and a triangle on the tomb, that had been photographed for the first book shown above. Thank goodness we have these images for the future as the carvings are now gone…

BUT! I am very, very worried about the potential loss of further medieval coded stone marks that have yet to be discovered.

We are truly racing the clock right now as September is just around the corner…

Summers in Wisconsin cause expansion in stone and likewise the deep snow can crack hard granite slowly over time and in this case, centuries… These carvings are potentially anywhere from 900 to 700 years old. We are both very worried that more damage will happen over the course of winter 2021…

I am asking your help directly. Will you support me by funding an emergency flight to the Mohican Reservation so that I may catalog uncharted carvings before it’s too late?

Your help will cover the cost of required pre-flight testing and return testing. Anyone travelling into the USA must be tested and also upon my return to the UK. Along with this, the cost of flights is rising daily.

This is unconventional and normally I would raise the funds myself as it is my choice to be an independent researcher and historian.

… But this is not just about me.. It’s about our collective future and the lost history of the Knights Templar… In some special cases, our ancestors!!! But for our collective history, the cost is of equal importance…

We need help in preserving the potential Templar codes for the future… I am asking you to be my partner in this task… Put me on the ground in Wisconsin and I will leverage my 20 years of experience gained in the UK by studying medieval architecture, mason marks and codes… I have been studying this area of history since 1995 and have the courage to put myself on the line, my time, energy and reputation and up til now, my personal finances… This is a deeply controversial subject but I do believe that it is worth asking the big questions, were the Templars in North America?

…Did the Templars find refuge in North America? I believe the answer is YES! But I have to prove it!

Help me conserve these carvings and potentially save our heritage and the memory of the Knights Templar in the New World…

I respect your time, energy and your choice to follow me in this endeavour, you could be using your valuable energy to follow another cause. I would treasure any help you might choose to give, from taking the time to read this or share the link with friends to help us all in this rescue attempt…

And I would treasure your donation of $1.00 if that is your heartfelt capacity and investment in our collective heritage and future.

I will report back to you on this page with financial updates… I have opted not to go the usual route of a crowd funding platform as they all charge in one way or another…

If Lockdowns have harmed your bottom line… As it has mine… Please share this blog and appeal as your own contribution. Who knows what this butterfly sneeze may cause? A new Templar discovery? Most assuredly!

With Humble Thanks, Blessings and Gratitude,

Thank you,…