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Author Gretchen Cornwall

Gretchen Cornwall is a member of the British Archaeological Association.

She has been examining and researching medieval carvings and artifacts for decades and studying the architecture of great cathedrals, Castles and Templar preceptories.

She has lived in England since 2002 and has traveled extensively in the UK and Europe on the trail of the Knights Templar.

Ms. Cornwall has been a Trustee for the Friends of the Shell Grotto in Margate England since 2008.
She has appeared on the history Channels, The Curse of Oak Island, for her knowledge of the Knights Templar & medieval history.

Her first book, the Secret Dossier of a Knight Templar of the Sangreal was published in 2015 with the Revised Edition in 2018.

In order to maintain control over her work, she started Grapevine Press Ltd in 2018

Gretchen Cornwall is also a singer-songwriter for World Tree Music. She has been a fantasy wedding dress designer & featured on a national television program at Leeds Castle.

Research, writing and travel have taken over her schedule completely, her main focus? Shining a light on the path of the Templars and the mysteries of history.