Author Gretchen Cornwall
Whitstable Castle, England

Gretchen Cornwall is a member of the British Archaeological Association.

Ms Cornwall has been a Trustee for the Friends of the Shell Grotto in Margate England since 2008.

She has been examining and researching medieval carvings and artifacts for decades and studying the architecture of great cathedrals, castles and Templar fortified sites.  Her catalog of photos from over 18 years numbers in the thousands.

She has lived in England since 2002 and has traveled extensively in the UK and Europe on the trail of the Knights Templar.

Temple Ewell Dover

 Ms. Cornwall is deeply committed to the preservation and the conservation of sensitive archaeological sites, buildings at risk and believes that by understanding our past we may move forward in harmony, respect and understanding as human beings. 

Gretchen Cornwall has been a singer-songwriter for World Tree Music. A combination of music styles from folk traditions and inspirational legends such as Clannad, Enya and Loreena McKennitt.   Performing and making her own gowns led to a fantasy wedding dress business.  One of her haute couture wedding gowns featured on a national television program at Leeds Castle in England.

She has appeared on the History Channel, The Curse of Oak Island, for her knowledge of the Knights Templar & medieval history.

the Secret Dossier of a Knight Templar of the Sangreal

Her first book, the Secret Dossier of a Knight Templar of the Sangreal was published in 2015 with the Revised Edition in 2018. 

All the new content from the Revised Edition was published in a booklet, The Stars of the Magdalene.

The Stars of the Magdalene

The Templar Knights in Wisconsin!

A discovery on the Mohican Reservation in Wisconsin lead to an investigation of Templar crosses, a tomb and a standing stone of a knight.  The two-week sojourn resulted in The Templar Quest to North America: A Photo Journal.

Two further locations have revealed further carvings and structures of centuries old European construction. A great deal more will be revealed in the near future!

The Templar Quest to North America:
A Photo Journal

Ms. Cornwall has discovered original material that will result in further publications in the next five years, covering Oak Island in Nova Scotia the UK and France.

In order to maintain control over her work, she started her own publishing company, Grapevine Press Ltd.

Research, writing and travel have taken over her schedule completely, her main focus? Shining a light on the path of the Templars and the mysteries of history.

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