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The Secret Dossier of a Knight Templar of the Sangreal – is the culmination of many years of research and nine years of writing.
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I live on the Isle of Thanet in Margate, S.E. England and found it to be a small community where news travels fast.  Word seeped out that I was working on a tome which included the Knights Templar.  I was approached by a man claiming to be a modern-day descendant of the banished Order.  This caused a raised eyebrow on my part and I approached the meeting with caution.  The discussion bore fruit and I was not disappointed in the years that followed as the information that was given proved accurate.


The content of the discussion was so astonishing that I found myself altering the course of the book which was not an easy decision to make in mid-stride, but its compelling nature gave me no other choice.

I was shown a map with energy lines crossing over the United Kingdom and the world.  Now, this is not incredible as ley line hunting is pervasive today, but I was surprised as the lines intersected with specific Ordnance Survey grid reference points across England and Scotland which were related to historic and modern Templar locations.  

I have never come across such an interesting energy map during my years of research.  What are the odds of a correlation between ley lines and a rigid navigation grid of specific historic sites, surely it must be impossible?  I was told that there ‘…was no such thing as coincidence.

My life had changed and I had become a ‘Sub-Rosa Contactee’ with a rare opportunity to disseminate esoteric Templarism via an actual physical descendant of the Templars.  In order to protect his identity I chose the name John Temple throughout the book, however towards the end of the writing stage I was to find out his actual heritage which was straight out of a novel.

leather copy_edited-1It became necessary to write a new Chapter One so that I could tell his family history which stems from the French crown and the famous bankers of Florence to the lost Celtic kings of Rheged in Cumbria.

I included the historical, sacred geometry and mystical information peppered throughout my own research.  

My contact John Temple is of the Sangreal or blood royal of Jesus and Mary Magdalene the later of which has a strong presence in the book.  I followed the story of the Magdalene through Medieval art, illustrated manuscripts up through to the Statue of Liberty and the constellation of Cassiopeia.  


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There is a great deal more to learn about the many subjects covered in the Secret Dossier and I view it to be the first installment of many.
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  1. Your newer knowledge is very much corroborated in a 2007 book we’re just reading- Revelation of the Holy grail by Chevalier Emerys. Very great historical detail. Lots on key lines too!

    1. Your newer knowledge is very much corroborated in a 2007 book we’re just reading- Revelation of the Holy grail by Chevalier Emerys. Very great historical detail. Lots on ley lines too!

  2. This book brings the life and times of Bernard de Clairvaux and the origins of the Templars into sharp relief. It brings together and makes sense of existing historical knowledge and adds new and interesting perspectives. It challenges, through illuminating the ‘secrets’, more superficial understanding of his life work, the meaning of the ‘sang real’ and the work of the Templars at that time. More than that, it also brings new light to the existence of places and icons that can be seen today that have significant (and esoteric) importance in the context of current aspirations through acknowledgement of ‘the divine feminine’. Above all, it is a great read and draws the reader into the human struggles and triumphs and what it must have felt like to be living through these turbulent times. Wonderful. A must read. I enjoyed it immensely!

  3. It is excellent that you follow through with this resource-based Templar are still around passed on from father to son generation after generation. 🙂 I too had an encounter my great great great great gggg grandfather was Godfrey de bouillon and you can imagine how strange my life has been I’m waiting to get this book thank you so much there are no accidents only synchronicities

    1. Bless you Kim,

      Thank you for sharing your family background. There have been scientific breakthroughs recently stating that our DNA matters and guides our life choices. You are right, there are no coincidences. Thank you for being in touch. If you have time I’d be honoured if you left an Amazon review to help others decided on purchasing the book. So nice to meet you and looking forward to hearing more from you… Love & Light to you and yours Gretchen

  4. Historic sites were built in geometric patterns so that the Earth’s energies would benefit those who built the sites, whether the ancient communities, or later, the medieval towns. TheTemplars knew the secret archaeology symbolism of the Ancients, and used it in their building. One such place had its star arm broken and a modern complex was built that ‘broke’ jthe old alignment. It was bombed by Irish terrorists in the 80’s! After the last war so much bombing happened that the energy lines were shattered, probably leading to the mayhem we live in today!! I shall read your book with interest as I have been an avid dowser for nearly 40 years and have seen the results when the Sacred Geometry has been broken down!! Peace and Happiness, Liss

  5. please contact me Grethen I have some very useful information on the Templars re- Northumberland

  6. Hello Gretchen , my wife bought me your book for Christmas 2017, I am 63 and researched the Templars for around 40 years symbols and history , I live in Northumberland and you must have a look at the church at Hartburn Northumberland which the Templars took over there are a number of Templar graves there and they also had the vicarage 100 yards from the church , I enjoyed your book very informative , but you must have a look here you will find a lot .

    1. The monks of Tynemouth Priory held the church from 1076 and in the early 12th century built a fortified tower to protect the tithes. Originally freestanding, the church was extended to join it shortly after. The base of the tower had a vaulted ground-floor chamber, and the monks lived in the upper floor. The Templars inherited the church and between 1250-1312 largely rebuilt it, retaining the tower, although they built a new pele and vicarage 100 yards North of the church. (PastScape

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      1. Hello DAvid, do you have a website ? I am very interested and spend a lot of time in Northumberland I would like to visit places and learn more

  7. Just finished reading your book which I found very interesting and loaded with information that requires much thinking to digest and comprehend in its entirety. I enjoyed the reading and all the references. You mention that the Comte is in the process of writing his own book, Pennies from Heaven. Has it been released already? Thank you!

  8. His book is not available yet. It may take another two years as there are other projects placing this one on the back burner. But that is a good thing! Thank you for your comments. I’ve had many people state they’ve read it anywhere from 3 to 5 times over. I did throw the kitchen sink at it and assimilated conversations with the Comte into my own work. Truly his name should have been on the cover as well… Best wishes –

  9. Hi Gretchen, I am about midway through your incredibly fascinating book! There is a lot of information to absorb but I am loving it! Many questions are coming !!! All my best-

    1. Sienna! That is very kind of you to stop by the site – Thank you for your review and looking forward to your thoughts… Best of wishes from England

  10. Gretchen, my family name comes from the North Umbria region. I would love to know if there is a chance that any of my ancestors would have been associated with the Templar’s. Also I believe your theory on Oak Island. The show fascinates me. Good luck with your book. John Pennington. Other family sur names are Bland Rice and Nannie.

    1. Hi John, thank you for visiting my site- Try Ancestry website for help on that front – Also a DNA test may help you to fill where the paper trail disappears –

  11. What a treasure!!! I just ordered 3 of your books through Barns and Noble. I’ve spent 25 years researching my family history. One interesting branch I share is The Royal Bloodline with George Washington and Queen Elizabeth II , through Col George Reade and wife Elizabeth Martiau. DNA confirmed it a few years ago. It’s so interesting learning this well documented line and it’s Sacred History. I absolutely love the Templar’s connection through King Fulk of Jerusalem and what He and The first Templar’s rediscovered. My blood tells me Those Sacred Relics are buried on Oak Island and about to be rediscovered. God has such a good sense of humor. I’m really excited to learn more and want to thank you for your work. I know so many millions share this Bloodline and still it feels like such an incredible amazing honor to be one of them. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to learn more. Thank you with a full and grateful heart ❤️ for your Intelligence and your work. I’m extremely excited to read your books 😘❗️‼️

  12. Dear John, I don’t know how your message slipped past me – Thank you for reaching out and I’m happy to hear from you! Family history is so important and is essential to understanding real history!

    1. Hello I am buying your book, because I have discovered some things within my Ancestry. My cousin told me that the Shelton’s and the Cleres were knights Templars. Which is interesting considering the fact that they are also Plantagenet descendants through King Edward III, Geoffrey V of Anjou, and Henry III as well as John of Gaunt. My theory is that the legitimate lineage of the Plantagenets still existed through the marriages of the knights Templars. Which is very suspicious.

  13. HI Gretchen OMG I have just , in the last hour, found out about you, My life over the last 20 years has been researching the global Pi Energetic Grid also touching on the Reshel Grid. The KT and StB so important….If you please email me I shall ship to you a very important e book which I believe is vital for you. taaa byee brian

  14. Hi Gretchen , Great stuff. I am current GM of Cult of saint Nicholas handed down from foundation by Geoff Guerche (Werk Wark) in saxony Wichmanni or Zichmni as in Hennig Wichman who was Henry Werkeman from Lewes charter 1395 a Victual Brother mate of Sinclair in California my family founded LA with Temple family In Barbados we were secretaries to Lord Harewood , “Legacies of British slave Ownership “my families hand , married to Lord Willoughby’s daughter Ann of George Hastings descent. buried in St Nicholas chapel with his bones as we are in Gloucester UK and Gloucester Australia . Contact me if you would like the meridian layouts of the Empire… best John

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