Sir Ralph de Sudeley, Zena Halpern’s Map, Oak Island

I’ve been studying the landscape around Sir Ralph de Sudeley’s castle. I investigated monuments and churches he would have visited in his life. This video is one in a series on Sir Ralph’s ties to England. The well of St. Kenelm is still a pure flowing stream today, just as it was in 819 CE. … More Sir Ralph de Sudeley, Zena Halpern’s Map, Oak Island

Vikings, Templars & the Sinclair Voyages!

Vikings, Templars, Sinclair Voyages – A Timeline Explained! How did the whereabouts of North America become medieval knowledge? Vikings, the Templars and Early Henry Sinclair repeatedly visited Oak Island! I’ve interviewed with Jeff Freeman to explain the timeline of information down the centuries. Please subscribe to Jeff Freeman of The Curse of Oak Island & … More Vikings, Templars & the Sinclair Voyages!

Interview with 7 Authors!

I’m looking forward to sharing air space with this remarkable group of experts! Authors and documentary filmmakers in one space, hailing from Spain, Scotland, Iceland, England, Florida and Italy!! Topic? A Viking woman, Gudrid the Fair! Zeno Brothers the Navigators who helped Prince Henry Sinclair sail to North America! Where? The Facebook Group: The Curse … More Interview with 7 Authors!