Kindle Ebook News –

Dear Friends and Family, I am happy to announce that the Kindle Ebook of The Templar Quest to North America: A Photo Journal, is now available on Amazon Kindle! Amazon USA Amazon UK  Global Distribution, check your national Amazon Kindle Store More information to come soon – Best of wishes to you and yours, Gretchen … More Kindle Ebook News –

Happy New Year

I wish you and yours a very Happy 2020!!! As part of my New Year’s Well Wish to You & Yours, I’ve recorded two videos I’d like to share. The Knights Templar, a Unifying Subject?     An Illegally Elected Pope?  Evidence the Knights Templar Continued Their Traditions in a Post 1307 World. The past … More Happy New Year

Book Launch

A Templar Cross Pattee was discovered in a forest in Wisconsin. Book Launch   The Mohican Reservation now holds the remains of a lost Knight Templar settlement. Controversial? Yes! The mystery of the forest holds a Templar Tomb, effigy and the foundation stones of a castle! Columbus could have only known of North America due … More Book Launch

A Brief History of Water-

The Templar’s were capable of not only sailing to Nova Scotia but also had the mental capacity to build the French Box Drains, water trap, vault and the infamous Money Pit.  Having had multiple communications from readers in doubt as to the capacity of Templars having the engineering skills to understand simple hydraulics, I chose to do a bit of research to back up my theory. … More A Brief History of Water-