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Quite simply, I am a Templar Knight contactee – this blog, however is not about how that door opened for me…  but it is about the complex individual who has provided a great deal of information for my first book, The Secret Dossier of a Knight Templar of the Sangreal.

“During the course of almost nine years of writing this book and research, I would occasionally be given leads as to the identity of my contact.  The leads bore amazing fruit and when pressed for further information I was given an explanation straight out of a novel.  Alexander Dumas to be exact.”  1.

It was not until nearing the end of the writing process, with just a few months to go, that my contact dropped a rather large bombshell.

His ancestor was the identical twin of the King of France, memorialised in the famous work of fiction by Alexandre Dumas, which in fact, is fact!

In a recent communication from the Comte de Mattinata de Medici – I was given proof of the identity of the Man in the Leather Mask….  Yes, leather, not iron.

leather copy_edited-1

The Comte takes his title from the small town of Mattinata Italy where the twin of Louis the XIII was exiled and compelled to wear a leather mask to hide his identity.

When his sister, Henrietta Maria of France, married Charles I of England, the man in the leather mask was moved to Cumbria where his descendants thrive today.  The name Mattinata became anglicised to Mattinson. (See Chapter One The Royal Priests of Cumbria, of The Secret Dossier for more information)

In a one line email from the Comte on the 14th of May 2017, I was asked to search for ‘coordinates 64389 in France’.

A bit puzzled and curious, I simply googled ‘64389 France’ and hoped for the best…

Thinking to myself, how odd, this does not look like latitude/longitude at all – voilà – it was the code for a commune or county!  I did not know this myself, but the French number their counties and name them.

There were more revelations to come, as the geographical locations tied in utterly with the Dumas story.

The gateway is located at Monassut-Audiracq, France, Code Commune 64389.  It is the location of two secular abbeys.

Secular abbey’s were not tied to a particular religious order, but owned by a nobleman who was legally able to will it to his descendants.  In other words the abbot was priest and secular lord.  The unusual situation enabled the priest to marry and have children.  There were several abbeys of this nature across the Pyrénées region.

But these particular abbeys are the initial gateway of understanding.  They are once removed from ‘X’ marks the spot.  Like all treasure hunts, we must look deeper.

Indeed it is the region we are interested in as the story plays out across the landscape and involves more than one person.

Our first eye opener is that of Henri d’Aramitz, Lord and Abbot (1620 – 1655 or 1674) was better known to us as Aramis, one of the Three Musketeers!  In true Templar fashion, post 1314, he married and was a priest.  He was born in Béarn.


The portal is all that remains of the medieval secular abbey of Aramits, or Aramis, in Béarn. As an interesting aside, the region spoke a dialect of the Occitan language so important to the understanding of the Cathar peoples and gnostic beliefs.

The two secular abbey’s of Monassut & Audiracq were vassal’s to the viscount’s of Béarn.  Through crafty marriages and warcraft, the viscount’s became Kings of Navarre.  Their most famous son was born at the regions capitol, Pau Castle in 1553.

Pau Castle to 64389

Drive from Commune Co-ordinates 64389 to Castle Pau, birthplace of Henry IV.

King Henry IV of France was assassinated on the 14th May 1610.  His wife was the highly intelligent and strong willed Marie de’ Medici.  It was she that decided the fate of her twin son in order to prevent war breaking out over the two children.  France had only just come out of the Wars of Religion and was hardly stable, with enemies around all corners.  Twins would have been a temptation for feuding French lords.

Dumas Code-X

The two abbeys of the Dumas Codex represent two princes-

We’re assuming it was the younger of the two princes, Henri, named after his father, who was stripped of his titles and rather than murder the child, became ‘Prisoner Number 64389’.

Oddly his brother, King Louis XIII, began his reign on the same day he would end it, 14th of May 1610 to 14th of May 1643.  Note that the year he died includes part of the Dumas Code-X or ‘prisoner number 64389’

Prince Henri and his secret sons would live out their lives in anonymity in Cumbria, passing down the knowledge of the real father, King Henry IV, through a simple co-ordinate later to be used by Dumas as the number of a prisoner meant to be forgotten.

Dumas placed his story at the feet of Louis the XIV however, the famous Sun King in order to divert attention and create another layer of protection from the truth.


Images of Louis the XIV as Apollo the Sun God

He gave us Cardinal Richelieu (1585 – 1642) as the nemesis to the Musketeers.  But, Richelieu was Cardinal during the reign of Louis XIII!  The prior generation.  Why did Dumas move this historical person forward in time?  He is a red herring, letting us know that there is something wrong with this picture.  Richelieu represents the church – which tried to cut down the historical Templars – and are represented by the Musketeers in actual fact.

There seems to be a hint at the ongoing tense relations between the Templars and factions within the church over the centuries who wish the Templars would simply go away…

I asked the Comte how he was told of his ancestor’s past.  He relayed a story from his youth.

He was teased by his father and grandfather for being a bit of a reprobate as a young man and was told he would be known as ‘prisoner 64389’ if he weren’t careful!
An obscure reference to pick out of thin air and several steps farther than the usual warning of ‘jailbird’ and to repeat it to a young man to the levels of it becoming a nickname – the reasons for this become obvious when the true meaning of the number 64389 are revealed.



Coat of Arms of Aramits

  1. Gretchen Cornwall, The Secret Dossier of a Knight Templar of the Sangreal, Pg. 1

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