On Air Decryption of a Rossi Crosse 1624 Folio

The Ghosts of Bacon is a fantastic podcast for anyone interested in the true identity of Shakespeare… It is a controversy that is not going away anytime soon… Sound familiar? Oak Island has it’s closely guarded secrets as does the famous Bard of England! Jake Roberts is steeped in the minutia of decoding Shakespeare’s works … More On Air Decryption of a Rossi Crosse 1624 Folio

Delayed: Templars Ep 5 Finale

Templars Episode 5 Delayed: Dear Friends, Fans, Templars, those with Templaritis… Or Oak Island Fever sufferers… All joking aside, there have been technical issues that have prevented Amazon Prime US and the UK from releasing Templars: Episode 5 The Finale Episodes 1 to 4 are available: https://www.templars-tv.com/ We hope that this will be resolved soon… … More Delayed: Templars Ep 5 Finale

I am still a Creative

I have spent a great deal of time writing, researching, and traveling. At times I have felt as if I’ve ignored the woman who enjoys bringing beautiful dreams to fruition – I have a creative past as a singer, actress, and wedding dress designer. Though writing certainly has a creative element to it, an artistic … More I am still a Creative

Meet Me In England!

I know this is short notice, but I’ve been away filming and am finally starting to come up for air! We logged 2225 miles across France and Northern Italy in two action packed weeks! I will be speaking for the Minerva Study Circle on June 24th – The Caves of the Knights Templar! Please book … More Meet Me In England!