Caduceus Review, End of October 2017

I promised a bit of good news today, on the infamous day of Friday the 13th – the origins of which are related to the arrests of The Knights Templar Grand Master at the Paris Temple in 1307 –




Jaques de Molay’s courage in the face of an impossible situation has secured both his legend and that of his order into our modern world – along with their descendants.




Through nine years of hard work and research, I’ve outlined the survival of the Knights Templar Order in my book, along with the secrets of navigation to the New World and a discovery in chapter 31 titled The Stars of the Magdalene.




The Secret Dossier of a Knight Templar of the Sangreal will be reviewed in Caduceus Journal at the end of October, in their 97th issue. The Journal was first published in 1987 and has a large readership base which includes 120 outlets. I’ve been told that the print run is being increased by 1000 copies over their usual run of 2000, as a special section will be included on non-toxic cancer treatments. With cancer rates so high, 1 in 3, this should be a riveting issue.
I’m grateful to author-editor, Dave Patrick, for kindly introducing The Secret Dossier – to Simon Best, Editor of Caduceus Journal. Dave Patrick also has an article in the journal: “Questioning the debunkers – Re-examining the Friedmans’ debunking of hidden cyphers in Shakespeare’s plays” Sounds very interesting!
I appreciate the reviewers time and look forward to reading her thoughts on the work – I’ll share more soon!
The Secret Dossier of a Knight Templar of the Sangreal can be found at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones, Book Depository, online, or by special order at your local bookstore –


Colour edition:
Softcover ISBN:9781366944788
Black and White available at Amazon: ISBN-10: 153946153X
Hardcover: Dust Jacket ISBN:9781366944795


Signed copies available through my own website on the ‘Buy’ page, for UK readers only, unless prior arrangements are made for international delivery as it is expensive.
Bookplates are available for purchase on my site, however. Created for the book and signed by myself. A much less expensive option!



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