Dots, Pellets & Medieval Coins! Oh MY!

What is a pellet or a dot, in medieval symbology and heraldry?

Come with me as I explain the true meaning of this enigmatic but important ‘sign’ often used by the Knights Templar!

I currently have a limited number of signed books and also Templar pendants in my online shop –

2 thoughts on “Dots, Pellets & Medieval Coins! Oh MY!

    1. Hi Sandra,
      I had tried to avoid posting beyond the USA –
      I can change the parameters to include Canada.
      I have rolled the postage into the cost of the book. I will send it to you via Media Mail
      from Washington St. USA

      I have 4 copies left of The Templar Quest to North America as of this email at 4:15 pm Saturday –

      Best wishes,


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