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Gretchen Cornwall Author-

I am back in the UK now after spending 14 months in the USA with family. I hope you enjoy the new additions to the Interview Page. I’ve had the good fortune to speak with Carl Cookson and Hamilton White of The Lost Relics of the Knights Templar. They are both so knowledgeable! They are both fantastic conversationalists and fun! I’d like to congratulate them both and their team on the filming for Season Two!

I’ve also spent time with Jeff Freeman of The Curse of Oak Island and Beyond. He is a professional, and a true friend to The Curse of Oak Island and Acorns who seek for facts! I always enjoy my time with he, Linda Lewick Simpson and the team!

Michelle Deroches and Amelia Pisano of The Outer Realm are engaging, impeccable co-hosts. I felt as if I’d been sitting with two friends I’d known all my life, having wine in their mystical castle!

Now that I am back home in England, I look forward to re-engaging with my own work, research, writing, vlogging and participating at Round Tables to discuss ‘all things Templar!!!’

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May you find Moments of Grace amidst your day,

Gretchen Cornwall

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