Ross Castle & Temple Cressing

I have been intrigued with Ross Castle in Nova Scotia for many years. Controversial? Yes, but it is worth considering as a legitimate medieval structure. The well at Ross Castle has been explored to a depth of about 25 feet, but many surmise it could have been deeper at one point during its hey day. I wanted to visit a known medieval well of 800 years old! The ancient well at Temple Cressing, Essex England.

Comparing both wells can’t be thought of as definitive evidence, by necessity medieval castle wells in the UK ranged from just 10 feet to 400 feet. It is nonetheless, fascinating to see a known Templar well house. It had been in use on their industrial size farm for many centuries well up into present decades.

I wanted to visit Temple Cressing Barns and farm to see what I could find that still remained of the time of the Knights Templar. The journey exceeded my expectations and I came away feeling as if Christmas had come early… I felt Blessed indeed!

This is but the first of several blogs that will result from my investigation in Essex. I came away with so much information that must be followed up on now, including video and photography.

I hoped to compare the geography and how the Templars used the terrain, how they lived with it prior to industrialization; How this might help our understanding of Norse & later Templar missions to North America?

I look forward to sharing my findings with you to help us all broaden out our understanding of the exceptional human beings that made up the Knights Templar Order, and all those who supported their efforts, including their families… I am finding that families played a far greater role in the Order than we have considered in recent decades.

I would like to ask your help as well… I’ve converted my Home Page on my website into an Appeal. Carvings are eroding at the Wisconsin site on the Mohican Reservation. As many of you know, it was the location that spurred on my 2nd book, The Templar Question to North America: A Photo Journal… In short, due to an extended family emergency which has taxed my own finances and also prevented me from continuing my own work for a year and a half through lockdown… I have not been able to return to Wisconsin… But now I must…

I am now seeking donations to afford an emergency flight this early September. Please see my homepage for further details as to the urgency of recording the remaining carvings and need to survey the potential foundation stones of a Templar castle, that could support the legitimacy of Ross Castle in Nova Scotia.

Please enjoy the following video and slideshow from my July 2021 week at Temple Cressing, England. More will follow soon.

Entering the front door of the small Well House at Temple Cressing, England – The well is 800 years old and built by the Knights Templar
A Quick Slideshow of interior photos

Many Blessings,

And thank you for sharing the journey with me… More to come…

Gretchen Cornwall

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