Oak Island’s Celtic Cross?

In Season 9 Episode 1 of The Curse of Oak Island

Hand-hewn wood dating to 660 AD was found by Doug Crowell and Billy Gerhardt.

Apologies, the sound is out of synch in the first moments but it does clear up.

The piece was clearly worked by human hands for a specific purpose. I do not think that the wood fragment indicates a vessel from 660 AD had sunk in the swamp or washed up near the shore.

But it is possible that a vessel from 1200 was responsible for the stone pavement wharf in the swamp? It is very likely –

A navigator of 1200 AD might have been carrying a precious artifact 6 centuries old…

An object that may have helped Templar Knights navigate the Atlantic, and also helped them build the stone pavement necessary for bringing onshore, precious relics from the Holy Land. A stretch? Maybe –

But consider the following: Author Crichton Miller reversed engineered the beautiful Celtic Cross of western Europe. He realized that the round circles carved in stone were meant to move!

The stone crosses of the early medieval era are memories of a functioning and highly useful tool. It was held in such high esteem it was considered spiritual in nature and a divine gift. It, therefore, became memorialized in stone and laced with the early church in the British Isles.

The original use of the Celtic Cross had been lost in time…

Did the Templars of the 1200s build the stone pavement? Did they use the Celtic Cross as a navigation tool to navigate the Atlantic? Did they bury precious objects of their faith on the island? Are these objects still there today?

I think that the island has been visited over centuries and is an outdoor cathedral with important markers carefully carved and placed in the landscape to form patterns and assist in identifying where their treasures lay hidden. I do not think that a Templar repository is in the Money Pit but elsewhere on the island. Wood fragments coming out of the Money Pit area are dated to the late Elizabethan era, The Age of Exploration!

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