Templars Ep 5 LAUNCHED!

Dear Friends Family and Followers,

Episode 5 of Templars, the Finale is now up on Amazon Prime US and UK!

Thank you for your patience as the director, Luca Centoni, worked through the technical issues with Amazon’s new system which went online just as we were trying to launch our final episode in the series.

It was due out on July 26th and though backdated on Amazon, it came online on 9/9/2023


Amazon Prime US and Amazon Prime UK

We appreciate your patience and also for following our work… It would help us immensely if you were to leave a review on Amazon Prime so that we appear higher in the search engine of Amazon!

As this is a happy occasion, I have opted to share behind the scenes photos with you!

Director Luca Centoni of Templars the Series

Please see his bio on Amazon Prime

Respect yourself, Respect others and Take Care,


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