A Brief History of Water-

The Templar’s were capable of not only sailing to Nova Scotia but also had the mental capacity to build the French Box Drains, water trap, vault and the infamous Money Pit.  Having had multiple communications from readers in doubt as to the capacity of Templars having the engineering skills to understand simple hydraulics, I chose to do a bit of research to back up my theory. … More A Brief History of Water-

A Star Map & Oak Island

I’ve had multiple thoughts on the latest episode of The Curse of Oak Island that I wanted to share…  Rock Solid aired January 1st 2019 in a two-hour special… Firstly, congratulations to Doug Crowell, Jack Begley & Charles Barkhouse for finding, what we all hope, must surely be the ’90 Foot Stone’. All the best … More A Star Map & Oak Island

Nolan Cross

I’ve had good news… My Templar contact and I were interviewed by The Curse of Oak Island this last June. The segment will air on Tuesday night December 18 2018. It was a four-hour discussion via Skype with the War Room. Quite an experience and very intensive. I found the Oak Island team to be … More Nolan Cross

Two Templar Maps

Two Templar Maps Third blog in a series, connected to The Curse of Oak Island, History Chanel My own research intersects with the discoveries in Nova Scotia, outlined in my book: The Secret Dossier of a Knight Templar of the Sangreal.  The Matrix Map The Obelisk map below is only one part of a global … More Two Templar Maps