A Conversation with Alessandra Nadudvaria

I wanted to properly thank Alessandra Nadudvaria and her husband Tim Loncarich, for the extensive interview which aired on Friday June 12, 2020. I felt as if I’d had a good chat with a good friend! Part One is below:

Alessandra Nadudvaria Interviews Author Gretchen Cornwall

Part Two of the Interview

Alessandra Nadudvaria Interviews Gretchen Cornwall,
Part Two

I wanted reciprocate in a small way by sharing her website

Adventures of Nicky

Alessandra is an author of children’s books and if memory serves, an English teacher. There are currently three titles out now. Her first book is Nicky and the Lost Templar.

She and her husband have been featured on The Curse of Oak Island a number of times. They are the owners of Ross Castle, Nova Scotia and the famous Herm Stone.

The Herm Stone, curtesy of Alessandra Nadudvaria and Tim Loncarich

The Herm Stone has a badly eroded Templar Knight cross on it and has been taken to a museum for safekeeping. It is now out of the extreme swings of east coast weather. I used a photograph of the Herm Stone to help validate potential Templar Cross carvings found at a site in Wisconsin.

I was given permission by Alessandra and Tim to use the photos. Along with one taken by Researcher Doug Crowell, in my recent book:

The Templar Quest to North America: A Photo Journal.

My own book shares my incredible visit to a hidden site in Wisconsin where Templar crosses and a potential Templar tomb were discovered!

I’ll be sharing more information on my book soon, but for now, please share Alessandra’s book with your children! Or for yourself! I won’t tell!


Please subscribe to their Flagship Youtube Channel:


Aside from myself, she has also interviewed the Blacksmith of The Curse of Oak Island, Carmen Legge, without him our knowledge of the priceless finds from the island would be without a purpose and a date!

Thank you Alessandra and Tim for a great experience!

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