A Lost Colony & The Templars

The Lost Roanoke Colony as Supportive Evidence
that Templars Survived in the New World.
Recently on an Oak Island FB Group, the topic of the Knights Templar in the New World, as being improbable was raised.
Due to Native Americans contracting European diseases, Templars would have inadvertently made their potential hosts and allies sick, perhaps fatally & been shunned or attacked as a result.
As a test case, I would like to propose information on the Lost Roanoke Colony.  The earliest known colonists in the New World circa 1585 in what is now North Carolina. The settlement of 115 people suffered from supply issues and worsening relations with the local Native population.
A supply mission was sent back to England, but when it returned 3 years later, the settlement had been torn apart and its inhabitants missing. Only three letters were carved into a tree.  The only possible clue as to their disappearance.  
Roanoke Lost Colony
Mystified for centuries as to the fate of the Lost Colony, DNA tests have discovered that the Croatoan tribe from an island 50 miles away are descendants of the English colonists.
Having been forced out of their original settlement while the relief ship was away in England, the colonists had moved to another island and were taken in by the Croatoan tribe.
I would like to put this scenario forward as evidence that indeed Templars could have survived and met allies in North America. Some had stayed and were adopted by the tribes of potentially the Mohican, Menominee, Mi’kmaq, and Oneida. Other Templars returning to Europe and the British Isles after the arrests of 1307 were taken in by kingdoms eager to leverage their skills as the most dangerous SAS of their day.
Granted Templars were supposed to be celibate.  It is myopic to think of the Templars as strictly cavalry-priests.  But there were lay-brothers in their midst.  One could join the order for two years and return to your prior married life.  Not all who supported the Order were on horseback.  Men who ran Templar farms and other merchant sectors could have found themselves on board vessels headed for the New World. It took three to six men to keep one knight on a horse.  Also, how might a man change psychologically in a wild world far from the strict hierarchy of Europe?
Though primitive and sadly effective biological warfare had been waged against North American tribes by post-Columbian colonists.  One diabolical tactic used by incoming colonists was to hand out blankets contaminated with illnesses from prior owners.  The Native Peoples having no immunity against European illnesses often died wiping out entire villages.
However, it would have been to the benefit of the tribes and the Templar refugees/explorers to form alliances.  Humanity being the curious beings that we are and Templars having perhaps a higher investigative quality than exhibited by other more closed-minded orders in Europe, would have chosen survival over xenophobia.
It is possible that the controversial and legendary Sinclair voyages thought to have taken place ninety some years before Columbus, met with descendants of the original Templar missions.
Perhaps even recognition of artifacts or languages taking place between the Templar descendants & Native Americans and the Sinclair incomers?  The Sinclair Earls of Rosslyn Chapel fame inherited knowledge of the New World through Templar Knight’s having been welcomed by King Robert the Bruce of Scotland in 1307 AD.
I highly recommend the following National Geographic article:
Also, In Search Of with Zachary Quinto on the History Channel has a fantastic documentary as to the DNA testing done with the Croatoan descendants. This is a trailer but a search for the entire program may help you stream the full episode.
Though it must have been very hard the original colony did survive and their descendants are alive today!  One of the tragic stories of North American history having been solved with positive news!
Are there Templar and Native American descendants walking the world today, unaware of their true family heritage?
….Now there’s an interesting question!
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