Looking for a Templar Gift?

Yes, it is the last minute! But, so many wait until 12:05 AM Christmas Eve to find a special and unique gift.

Gift Package of a Signed Book & Templar Knight Pendant

I am offering a thoughtful, attainable and exclusive package: My first book, The Secret Dossier of a Knight Templar of the Sangreal and a bold Templar pendant –

Pendant may be worn as a pin (Broach Fitting Not Included) It will easily accommodated a different chain or leather option. Perfect for a place of contemplation within your home.
Signed & Personalized Limited Quantity of 10 Copies Only with Pendant of a Knight Templar

Gift wrapped together with a personalized message from myself. If you would like to send this directly to a special soul, please email to let me know their name.

Giftable on the day it arrives-

I am offering a limited and exclusive gift for yourself or another seeker questing for the Holy Grail! Only 10 copies are available in this special package.

Please watch the video for images of the book and detailed photos of the Templar pendant and my Hopes and Greetings for a Happier, Peaceful and Prosperous New Year –

Or go straight to the New Shop for this Limited offer!

Please see my new Shop for my Book Offer Package for the Holiday Season of 2020!

Please visit the New Shop for this Limited offer!

May you have Moments of Grace during these uncertain and difficult times.

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