Happy New Year Update

Life has been filled with so much uncertainty for millions around the world. I hope that your own experiences were bountiful and if not, may the road ahead be smooth and filled with Grace…

I look forward to sharing more information on the ongoing Wisconsin site which is becoming more significant as the weeks progress.

Wayne Murphy, who discovered the Templar crosses, tomb and stone effigy, has invited Shawn Williamson, sculpture and expert on medieval carvings and building techniques; to join our team – In a short time Mr. Williamson has brought in a wealth of information and is looking forward to seeing the North American locations in person –

If you are on Facebook, we will be interviewing with The Curse of Oak Island and Beyond on January 9th – Please join the group in order to see the interview with myself, Wayne Murphy and Shawn Williamson.

I will be keeping you informed of future dates with other Facebook Groups and other platforms interested in our work.

If you would like to have either myself and my two colleagues speak with your people, just get in touch to arrange a date.

Join us for discussion and insights as news becomes available in our Facebook Group: Team Templar North America!

I am happy to say that we’ve decided to formalize our efforts in Wisconsin and have become ‘brothers in arms’ –

If you are not familiar with our work in Wisconsin, you can catch up by reading The Templar Quest to North America: A Photo Journal

May Moments of Grace unfold around you and yours,


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