Doug Crowell’s Templar Abraxas Seal

On January 5th, 2021, Tuesday night, Doug Crowell shared his intel with the War Room. He discovered a link between the Templars and the Serpent Mound found on the island the week before!

Coal that had been dated to 1340 and 1440, along with a nail, might be evidence that the Templar Heirs had built the serpent mound.

He also discovered documentary evidence of a mysterious seal used by a French Grand Master of the Templar Knight Order. It was that of a fearsome looking serpent known as Abraxas or Yahweh and the Divine Name spelled YHWH.

Templar Knight Grand Master’s Seal, Abraxas or Yahweh and YHWH – God

In this 30 minute video, I’ll share with you the significance of the serpent to the medieval mind and its role in heraldry that reaches back to Moses and Christ.

Moses and the Brazen Serpent, used to protect the exiled Israelites.

In the summer of 2018, I investigated castle Rochefoucauld, made famous by Zena Halpern’s map.

Zena Halpern's Map
Nobel family name of Rochefoucauld, top right.
I am standing under the copula of the inner courtyard of castle Rochefoucauld.

The great family also have a tail to tell! 😉

Chateau de la Rochefoucauld by Gretchen Cornwall

Their ancestress was that of a mermaid named Melusine and she also had a story that reaches back to the time of Christ. The information I have discovered in the castle and precious photos will be presented in a book, hopefully within the next year. Being related to a mermaid is not something everyone can claim! I hope you enjoy my findings –

The Shepard’s of Arcadia
Author Gretchen
Cornwall breaks down Abraxas and the Mermaid of the Templars

May Moments of Grace Be With You –

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  1. Such interesting information Gretchen, thank you. I am presently reading Laurence Gardner,s book Genesis of the Grail Kings which ties in with much of your Knights Templar research. Such a fascinating topic! A couple of years ago I visited Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland which is also steeped in Templar related history. Does this all tie in with finds still to be made at Oak Island? Let’s hope so!

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