Interview Saturday 9th & Team Templar N.A.

Dear Friends,

I will be interviewing on Jeff Freeman’s Facebook Group along with co-Administrator Linda Lewick Simpson and Moderator, Jack Campbell Saturday at 11 AM Pacific Time USA –

Please join the group to see the live interview:

The Curse Of Oak Island & Beyond

I will be with retired Law Enforcement Officer, Wayne Murphy of Wisconsin and also Master Sculptor Shawn Williamson of Cumbria, England.

I look forward to it and to seeing you there for live questions and answers –

Shawn is the latest member of Team Templar North America:

Team Templar North America a Facebook Group

Wayne Murphy reached out to Shawn Williamson due to his expertise and asked him to join our quest to find evidence of the Templars in North America.

Shawn Williamson, Sculptor

Here is an introductory video of Shawn and his accomplishments –

Master Stone Mason and Sculptor, Shawn Williamson

Please join us Saturday for a great discussion of The Curse of Oak Island and all things related to the Knights Templar.

May Moments of Grace Touch Your Life,


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