The Grotesque

Tis the day when the veil between the worlds is thinned…

To the medieval mindset, this concept was a daily walk that is expressed in the ‘Grotesque’ carvings on medieval cathedrals and eeked out into secular buildings. It was thought that having these beasties on a church would scare away demons.

The concept is not dissimilar to action hero films today such as Suicide Squade. The anti-hero… Other such notables are Clint Eastwood, Arni S. who eventually becomes the hero Terminator.

You want someone on your side who is capable of handling ‘badies’ and understands them… Hence the beasties of the medieval world.

The Knights Templar gained such a reputation that is well known. They were expected to handle odds of 3 to 1 on the battlefield. They were the first on and last off the field. They were not allowed to retreat until given permission.

They were certainly feared and respected. You could trust them to protect you as a pilgrim crossing the Mediterranean.

People are still people and pilgrims were suffering from human trafficking. Taking one’s wealth and dumping them into the Mediteranian. The Templars made certain that did not happen if you were in their charge…

Gargoyles are meant to be the ‘anti-hero’ images of their day… To frighten away the badies that would harm the structure or church they were meant to protect. Not a bad reminder to a potential human enemy either…

‘…Beware, here lay dragons…’

Especially ones with swords!

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