Co-Hosting & Lost Relics

I am looking forward to this Saturday’s interview with Carl Cookson and Hamilton White. I will be Jeff Freeman’s co-host for two hours with the Dynamic Duo!

Stars of Lost Relics of the Knights Templar and also Lost Relic Hunters.

Carl Cookson and Hamilton White of Lost Relic Hunters! Gretchen Cornwall is Co-hosting with Jeff Freeman!

Always entertaining and also informative! These two are masters of their craft! Antiquities and making people laugh!

Join the Facebook Group The Curse of Oak Island & Beyond for live streaming of this event. Also, live streaming on YouTube at jfree906 Please subscribe and watch for more great interviews about The Curse of Oak Island & Beyond! Jeff Freeman’s trusty group of cohorts is also on Twitch!

Sssssshhhh! Tell everyone!!!!

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