Lost Relic Hunters Interview

I so enjoyed my time with Carl Cookson and Hamilton White! Two hours flew past before I knew it! Both Cookson and White are professional, informative and also good fun!

I want to thank Jeff Freeman of The Curse of Oak Island & Beyond for including me as Guest-Host! His Facebook Group has surpassed the 21,000 mark! A huge achievement in just one year! Jeff has fantastic guests on and runs a professional group and podcast. Please do join his group if you are on Facebook!

Jeff Freeman, Hamilton White, Carl Cookson and Gretchen Cornwall

Lost Relics of the Knights Templar, season 1 was a big success. Their knowledge of the Knights Templar is off the charts. And to find out in season 2 of Lost Relic Hunters, that the pair have not just one precious collection of historically significant objects, but also Celtic Gold and Nazi Silver Bullion!

Thank you all,

And be well on the lead up to the Holiday Season…

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