Update! Lost Relics & a Templar Ornament!

Dear friends,

There were issues with the shop that was launched a few days ago. The shopping cart had a gremlin in the machine which has been sent on its way! The shopping cart had a bumpy start but has since been mended! Hopefully it will not be as confusing now… If you tried to place an order but failed, I do apologize…

There is still time to order a Templar Knight Ornament based on the stained glass window at Temple Balsall England. The photo was taken by myself during my visit to the ancient church a few years ago…

Gretchen Cornwall, photography & original ornament…

Carl Cookson and Hamilton White,

Hero’s of Lost Relic of the Knights Templar and Lost Relic Hunters!

Sometimes it is hard to find the time to watch a long interview of 2 hours 11 minutes. Though well worth it, we are in a very busy time of year in the run up to Yule and Christmas.

Host of The Curse of Oak Island & Beyond, Jeff Freeman, opted to take an entreating and informative 11 minute segment from this interview which is so enjoyable!

We really do get a sense of Carl and Hamilton’s personalities and motivations for why they avidly and passionately investigate the Knights Templar and other deep mysteries and object of the past.

Please enjoy the Short and or the Long on Jeff Freeman’s Youtube Channel. Please Subscribe and Like so that he can continue to bring big stars into our living rooms!

Thank you Jeff Freeman for giving us a platform to talk about all things Templar!

Thank you Carl and Hamilton for your generous time and sharing your work with the world! You’ve helped to change our view of the medieval world and ancient past! It’s always a pleasure to speak with you both!

If you’d like to know more about the Dynamic Duo, please follow their Facebook Groups:

lost relics of the knights templar tv series for fans:


and two:

Lost Relics of the Knights Templar


Thank you my friends and family,

May you have Moments of Grace as we approach the darkest day of the year and celebrate the Light Returning once more! Respect yourself, Respect others and stay well…

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