Christmas Ornament!

I’m thrilled to share this Christmas Ornament with you!

I have thousands of photos of historical places and objects. I will grow the best of my collection over time as mugs and other giftable and useful items. Launching today, I am also offering a puzzle, mug and stickers. The Templar pendants are wonderful and I wear mine often.

My favorite one so far is the Christmas ornament!  Alternatively, it is a magnet as well.  I am not certain if it will arrive in time for this year, however, if it were me buying this, I’d leave it up year-round! 

This ornament is only $11.99

The photo became the cover of my first book. The Secret Dossier of a Knight Templar of the Sangreal. (Keep in mind signed books will not make it in time for Christmas to the USA unless an extra $31.00 for air-mail is included. Please email me for instructions.)

The stained glass window is Victorian and commemorates the Templars at Temple Balsall in Solihull England of Saint Mary’s Church. If you’d like to read more about the stained glass window and church, please click here!

I want to thank one of my Patrons for encouraging me to take this step. I appreciate you very much, B.H.!

Please visit the shop to order one –

May the path ahead be smooth for you and yours this Holiday Season

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