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The Curse of Oak Island & BEYOND!

I am looking forward to interviewing Award Winning Director, Luca Centoni on Saturday as Jeff Freeman’s guest co-host!

Documentary Filmmaker, Luca Centoni

He is a successful documentary filmmaker who is passionate about the Knights Templar.

SATURDAY, 26 FEBRUARY 2022 FROM 19:00-21:00 UTC (GMT)

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I am working with Luca Centoni this summer! He is filming 3 further episodes surrounding Templar mysteries.

The work of author Steven Sora is his inspiration and the films are dedicated to the deceased author.

He will be concluding his filming in Nova Scotia and is following in the footsteps of the Italian explorer Verrazano whose statue can be seen in Templars the Medici Mystery, in the town of Livorno where Luca was also born.

The city was founded by the Medici family on the date of Jacques de Molay’s execution by the French King, Philip.

YouTube Trailer:

Templars The Da Vinci Code Secrets

Please see the trailer for the second film: Templars The Medici Mystery – Official Trailer

Please see the interview with Luca. At the time of this filming, Templars the Da Vinci Code Secrets had 1 million views on Amazon within the year, it had 6 million views!

If you are looking for an opportunity to contribute to the documentaries, it is not too late for a serious investor with high organizational skills to join the team.

Please contact Luca Centoni through the following website: The production company is Web Icon:

Please join us on Saturday for two hours of new Templar information direct from Italy!

All my best,

Gretchen Cornwall

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