Burn’s Night 2022

Last weekend was fantastic! I’d been invited to a Robert Burn’s Night dinner where the Haggis was roundly appreciated and celebrated!

Though his night is actually January 25th the dinner was on the 29th and I admit it’s taken the better part of this week to recover! The food was fine, the sparkling water left the mind a bit dazed! 😉

It had been many years since I had been to a Burns Night and this was incredible with such a talented piper, speakers and the Burn’s Night traditional Address to the Haggis was highly commendable!

Most of the men were in formal attire and those of Scottish heritage were wearing their family tartan kilts! The ladies were dressed to the nines and the energy was high! As it was a charity event, generosity flowed as quickly as the wine.

Here are a few links if you’d like to know more about the celebration that is distinctly rooted in Scotland:


And of course: Wiki

I won’t share photos of those in attendance as I’ve not asked if I can share their photos. Here are a few of mine instead. After going through a tough few years due to an illness in the family and covid lock down issues. It felt good to put on a frock and have a jolly evening with great people, who likewise were happy to be out. For some it was the first major gathering as was the case for myself. After having to be so careful for a few years it was odd to pass other hotel patrons in the hall and to be in a ball room with a large group of people. But I soon forgot my cares and enjoyed the generosity of my hosts.

A fantastic Address to the Haggis by actor Gareth Morrison

If you do plan on a bit of time travel, make sure to have your Star Trek translator with you!

All my warm wishes to you and yours!

It’s back to writing now…


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