Temple London & a Surprise!

Italian documentary filmmaker, Luca Centoni has started work on the third episode of the Templars series.

It has been a privilege to work with him. He has completed filming in England and Scotland and will be editing Episode III – I will keep you updated as to it’s availability.

Author & Oak Island Theorist
Gretchen Cornwall

.You may have noticed that I fell behind in my own posts of his progress. Sometimes all good things happen at once! A member of the public took a snap shot of Marty Lagina, Alex Lagina and Charles Barkhouse at Royston England. I had the good fortune of filming with them. Research for my segment with Oak Island took me away from posting regularly. But I am back now! You can just about see me in the background. We were outed!

Photo Credit Craig Wood. Marty & Alex Lagina along with Charles Barkhouse of
the Curse of Oak Island

Photography by Paolo Emilio Centoni and Luca Centoni:

Filming Episode 3 “The Sinclair Legacy” of the Templars – The TV Series starting from Cremona, north Italy up to the wilds of Scotland and all points in between!

🎬 🎥 www.templars-tv.com

It will air on Amazon Prime later in the summer – Episodes 4 and 5 will be available later in the winter of 2022.

Please see the trailer on YouTube for the second film: Templars The Medici Mystery – Official Trailer

Episodes 1 and 2 are available on Amazon Prime:

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