Templars: The Sinclair Legacy * Filming Day 2 *

Enjoy Day 2 Behind the Scenes Photos and Film Clips!

Director Luca Centoni met with author Andrea di Robilant in Venice Italy to learn more about how Earl Henry Sinclair sailed to North America. Controversial? Yes! Possible? Absolutely!

I heartily suggest Andrea di Robilant’s book:

Irresistible North, available on Amazon.com

Are you on Facebook? Here is a short film clip of Luca and Andrea

Find out more about author Andrea di Robiliant on Wiki!

Day 2 of filming Episode 3 “The Sinclair Legacy” of the Templars – The TV Series starting from Cremona, north Italy 🎬 🎥 www.templars-tv.com It will air on Amazon Prime later in the summer

Please see the trailer on YouTube for the second film: Templars The Medici Mystery – Official Trailer

Episodes 1 and 2 are available on Amazon Prime:

Photography and Camera work by Paolo Emilio Centoni and Luca Centoni:

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