Henry Sinclair, a Templar Statue – An Oak Island Treasure Connection? – Episode 1

Gretchen Cornwall – Author, Historian & Speaker

Gretchen Cornwall, Author, A Map of Oak Island & a Medieval Templar Knight Statue

The wood statue is easily from the 12th to 13th century – In times past, a Templar cross was carved on his back, a Hebraic letter ‘Y’ The owner gifted the statue into my care for safe keeping.

I had the opportunity to interview her in brief on her 7 years studying the statue.

The statue clearly pre-dates Early Henry Sinclair – the owner believes it is meant to represent his voyages to North America in 1398 – There are minute carvings and ink drawings on the statue that must be viewed under powerful magnification. They do not appear here as there will be other episodes to follow for a complete exploration of the statue.

We are looking for carbon dating assistance – It is a costly investigation –

Part 2 and 3 will be released in the coming months – Thank you for following my work and I hope you gain inspiration here –

If you’d like to hear further commentary, please seen Jeff Freeman’s interview with myself:

(81) The Curse of Oak Island & Beyond with special guest Gretchen Cornwall – YouTube

I had a great conversation with Tom Burns and Jeff Freeman of The Curse of Oak Island & Beyond FaceBook Group!

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Thank you to George Emanuel Runner for his photos of a Templar Knight. He is a re-enactor and educator. His photo was used on my 2nd book, The Templar Quest to North America

Thank you so much for bringing the cover to Templar Quest, alive!

George Emanual Runner can be contacted on FaceBook

George Emanuel Runer | Facebook

Thank you for your time and professionalism: Drew Hartley Partnership https://www.linkedin.com/in/drew-hartley-b8baa326/

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Meet the Master of Miniature https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYNGzmwSByA

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Gretchen Cornwall and the Hinman Statue of a Medieval Templar Knight

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