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I need your help –

If you would like to volunteer your time – I would greatly appreciate it.

As you may remember, I am working with Italian documentary filmmaker, Luca Centoni. I am in Episode 3 of the series Templars –

Episode 1 and 2 are up on Amazon Prime in the USA and UK

Each episode is $1.99 in the USA or 2.49 in the UK –

The series is not coming up in the algorithms and searching for it is hard – Luca spoke to Amazon Prime and they suggested that we needed reviews.

It originally was up on Amazon Prime but something changed, and he opted to take it down. He had some 6 million viewings! I know we can achieve that again, but we’re lacking reviews.

Can you please watch at least one of the two available episodes and leave a review? We would greatly appreciate your feedback and your valuable time – It will help the series pop up when new people look for Templar related content.

I will be in Episode 3 and 4 – Yet to be released.


Templars: Episode 1 The Da Vinci Code Secret by Web Icon – Director Luca Centoni


Please click to see Amazon Prime in the UK

If you’d like more information on this, please see my blog for links:

Keep in mind that this is in Italian with English subtitles. But the information is incredible. I was brought in partly to appeal to an English-speaking audience. I’ve seen both episodes many times as it is packed with information.

Keep in mind that the author, Tania, is well known for her work and this is why the film crew were given permission to fly a drone inside the chapel itself! Photography by the public is forbidden…

If you’d like to see a trailer for Templars: Episode 1 Da Vinci Code Secrets:

Here is a trailer for Templars: Episode 2 The Medici Mystery:

(108) Templars The Medici Mystery – Official Trailer – YouTube

Templars The Medici Mystery – Official Trailer – Web Icon – Directed by Luca Centoni

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