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Dear friends,

I apologize for the wrong links in my prior newsletter. I had just turned out the lights and made the mistake of looking at my phone one last time. I was anticipating the Amazon Prime Launch of Templars: Ep 3 The Sinclair Legacy. Luca Centoni and I were hoping that it would go live on October 13th, a pivotal date in the Templar world.

I was thrilled that Amazon Prime had indeed launched the film! The lights went on and I hurriedly set out to let everyone know! The spirit was willing but the body was not! Many mistakes later from a wrong link to a few spelling errors… These have been corrected on my website and I just wanted to share them with you again via email…

Templars: Ep 3 The Sinclair Legacy is now live on Amazon Prime!

Episodes 1 and 2 are also available!

Amazon.com in the USA Just scroll down to see Ep 3

Amazon.co.uk in the UK Just scroll down to see Ep 3

We would be very grateful if you could share and also leave a positive review –

Sadly, it is only in the USA and the UK –

For more information on the series, cast, crew and the future – There is more to come!


Luca and I were speaking with Jeff Freeman on Saturday about the film and shared clips during the interview that are unpublished and not available anywhere else.

If you’d like to catch up with us, you’ll find it an informative and energizing few hours. We were joined by author and professor Andrea di Robliant who spoke with Luca in Venice Italy about his book, Irresistible North. His research into the navigators the Zeno brothers is unparalleled and featured in the film. He discovered letters in the archive material of the family who were quite famous and wealthy. The two navigator brothers had teamed up with Earl Henry Sinclair! And legends were born!

The Curse of Oak Island & Beyond

Templars Ep 3 the Sinclair Legacy
Jeff Freeman, Luca Centoni, Andrea di Robliant, Gretchen Cornwall – The Curse of Oak Island & Beyond Podcast

The film series is dedicated to Steven Sora, author of

The Lost Colony of the Templars: Verrazzano’s Secret Mission to America, Published in 2004

It was also dedicated to Queen Elizabeth II who passed while Luca had just finished editing the segment that included Balmoral Castle, the last resting place of the Queen.

Thank you for 70 years of service…

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