It’s Live! Templars: EP3 The Sinclair Legacy!

At last! I am proud and very blessed that Templars: Ep 3 The Sinclair Legacy is now live on Amazon Prime!

Episodes 1 and 2 are also available! in the USA Just scroll down to see Ep 3 in the UK Just scroll down to see Ep 3

Sadly, it is only in the USA and the UK –

For more information on the series, cast, crew and the future – There is more to come!
See the Teaser Trailer!

We hope that you feel inspired by the film series as a whole and I am pleased to participate in Ep 3 –

As joyous as I am right now that all our hard work has come together at last, I am mindful that today is October 13th – 715 years ago the Knights Templar were arrested en masse across France. Further arrests would happen a month or two later in other European kingdoms. The release date of Templars Ep 3 The Sinclair Legacy, is a tribute to those who were arrested and tortured unjustly.

Respect Others, Respect yourself,

With many Blessings to you and yours,

Gretchen Cornwall

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  1. Drew! Thank you for your support my friend! I look forward to having more conversations about Rennes le Chateau!

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