Interview with 7 Authors!

I’m looking forward to sharing air space with this remarkable group of experts! Authors and documentary filmmakers in one space, hailing from Spain, Scotland, Iceland, England, Florida and Italy!!

Topic? A Viking woman, Gudrid the Fair! Zeno Brothers the Navigators who helped Prince Henry Sinclair sail to North America!

Where? The Facebook Group: The Curse Of Oak Island & Beyond — Skinwalker Ranch

Join Jeff and his guests Film Director Luca Centoni, Authors Gretchen Cornwall, Andrea di Robilant, Margaret Elphinstone, Heather Day Gilbert, Nancy Marie Brown, Tania Martina and aerial video specialist Paolo Emilio Centoni

Venetian Zeno brothers arrived from Scotland to North America 100 years before Christopher Columbus. Before them in the 11th Century, a Viking woman, Gudrid travelled to Vineland. Her adventure in the new world has solid evidence as you will see in this latest episode of “Templars.”

You will not want to miss this intriguing look into the life and travels of Gudrid the Fair as presented by these acclaimed authors and researchers.

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Episode 4 of Templars the series airs on Amazon Prime – See above link!

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  1. I have some information that may be useful to you about a hitherto little known underground cavern/cave which may have Templar and earlier connections. I would not leave details here, though I’m pretty sure you would want to follow up.
    Drop me am email, as I would be happy to provide a few details. Happy to chat also

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