Templars Ep 4 Out Now!!!

I am proud to be involved with Luca Centoni’s latest film, Gudrid the Fair Episode 4 of Templars on Amazon Prime US and UK!

Please go to the following website for the links!


Please see the Official Trailer! Find out more about the Vikings! Prince Henry Sinclair’s voyages to North America and the first European born in the New World! How are the Templar’s connected to the Vikings and Prince Henry Sinclair? Find out!

Gudrid the Fair – Gudrid the Far Traveler!
Cast of Gudrid the Fair – Web Icon Inc.

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One thought on “Templars Ep 4 Out Now!!!

  1. Dear Mrs Cornwall,
    I saw the eps on oakiland en the visit in the cave. You let show the cross en the link with the mearmade( sorry for my englis) but I think that the figure left of the cross is more the link. If you look at the family wapen you see a crown on the lady. The figurer left has a crown en lower it look more of a tale of a fish then a dress.

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