The Curse of Oak Island Part 3 Liverpool Carvings

Gloucester Cathedral and The Curse of Oak Island

What is the 4th symbol on the Liverpool Stone in Nova Scotia?

Presented by Corjan Mol on the Curse of Oak Island…

This is Part 3 of my breakdown of the Liverpool Stone Carvings!

I’ll share evidence with you that the 4th symbol is a Cistercian Cipher!

The Cistercians are the cousin order of the Knights Templar.

I made an incredible discovery in Gloucester Cathedral that I was not expecting to see! I went there in search of the nights Templar for another project!

I’ll take you from Oak Island to Jerusalem and to the medieval past of England, where Templars walked and secrets were kept!

Please see Part 1 and 2 as I don’t give a break down of the prior episodes in this video.

Part 1:

Part 2:

The Curse of Oak Island & the Liverpool Nova Scotia Stone Carvings, Originally presented by Corjan Mol

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