Sir Ralph de Sudeley, Zena Halpern’s Map, Oak Island

I’ve been studying the landscape around Sir Ralph de Sudeley’s castle. I investigated monuments and churches he would have visited in his life. This video is one in a series on Sir Ralph’s ties to England.

The well of St. Kenelm is still a pure flowing stream today, just as it was in 819 CE. Kenelm was such a popular saint that the name was popular for centuries.

The original ancient well is next to the Elizabethan wellhouse and shrine to the young saint, a Mercian king to be…

The old pilgrimage route of St. Kenelm is still waked today. Sir Ralph would have drunk from these waters so close to his castle. Perhaps pausing before going to Dunwich on the coast and sailing to Nova Scotia and Oak Island in 1178.

Film clip of the chamber in Pennsylvania:    • Knights Templar L…  

The History Channel: Knights Templar Lair Found in Rural Pennsylvania | America Unearthed (S1)

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