Maps! Proof That Earl Henry Was in Nova Scotia!

I appreciated Alex Lagina’s thinking on the H O Stone in S10 E26 of The Curse of Oak Island. He’s hit the nail on the head!

Watch The Curse of Oak Island, S10 E26 to learn more on the maps connecting Earl Henry Sinclair to Nova Scotia. Available on Amazon Prime and of course, the History Channel.

Sacred symbols are also codes in the medieval world. The Templars were known to be at the top of their game when it involved ciphers.

It’s so exciting to see medieval structures being uncovered on the island. No one can make the stone road, dated to 1200, disappear with a wish, or wave of a hand!

Andrea di Robilant is a gift to Pre-Columbian research on Oak Island and to the field in general. A true scholar. I’m glad to see him on Oak Island as he deserves to have his work widely known.

Please watch Templars the Series on Amazon Prime UK or USA to hear longer interviews with Andrea di Robilant. There is only so much time on The Curse of Oak Island to share greater depth.

Andrea di Robilant was featured by documentary film maker Luca Centoni in Templars – episodes:

S1 E3 – The Sinclair Legacy


S1 E4 – Gudrid the Fair Look for direct links to Amazon Prime in the USA and UK

I am filming with director Luca Centoni in S. France soon! Watch this space!

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The Curse of Oak Island – Alex Lagina, Marty Lagina and Charles Barkhouse in Royston Cave, England.

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