Gifts of Rennes le Chateau

I’ve returned from France and northern Italy with many gifts and countless priceless experiences…

I have beautiful reminders of my time with special new friends, all amidst the filming of the final episode of Templars with director Luca Centoni.

I’ve taken over 3500 photos and videos of my own during two incredible weeks! I look forward to sharing with you in the future.

Episode 5 will be airing July 26th on Amazon Prime in the US and UK – Please see Templars website for links and further information!

I’ll have to consider carefully which images I share until the last episode airs out of respect for the project.

But I can share personal treasures that I’ve brought back!

Luca Centoni shared a bottle of 2004 Maison Lanson Champagne with the cast. The box is gorgeous and I had to keep it!

I met the very talented Ani Williams, internationally renowned harpist and came home with two of her CD’s

Author Tania Martino gifted me with a lovely calcite and showed me the fantastic book stall in Esperanza… I did buy two books! How can I visit Rennes le Chateau and NOT buy a book!? Tania Martino is in episodes 1 and 2 of the Templar series… She and I bring the series full circle and meet in Rennes le Chateau to experience the mysteries of this small village where many come on pilgramage.

Gerda Dobler is a Templar pillar of RLC and I’m heartened to have shared a glass or two of wine in her lovely home. Her husband and Grand Master, Toby Dobler, was featured on The Curse of Oak Island when the team visited the area.

Luca Centoni’s mother is a spectacular photographer and has won awards for her skill set. She took a slightly befuddled and road weary traveller and produced photos that made me forget the trail of dust I brought into her lovely home. At the end of the shoot, she gave me the black chiffon dress that she used for my session. I truly was not prepared at all!

Prior to embarking, my friend Serena gave me a green scarf woven with Templar crosses for good luck!

When I came home, I’d been sent an ornament from Ann Psota, a Patron of mine, who is also active in one of my favourite Facebook Groups, The Curse of Oak Island & Beyond – Skinwalker Ranch. The ornament is covered with little charms. Thank you, Ann!

It’s been such an intense few weeks and I’m still feeling the heat of the sun and thinking of the beautiful landscapes.

Above all, the gifts are reminders of those extraordinary individuals I am privileged to have met or have been in my life for some time now…

Respect yourself, Respect others and Take Care,

Gretchen Cornwall

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3 thoughts on “Gifts of Rennes le Chateau

  1. Well Gretchen it sounds like you had a busy but plentiful two week working vacation! I look forward to see the images and the episodes! I envy you for your work and dedication! Secretly I always wish I had become an archaeologist but I chose to have my 5 beautiful children. Thank you for sharing your stories ❤️

  2. Congratulations on your amazing journey. We know it is far from over. Waiting with anxious anticipation for your next chapter and thank you for including us.

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