Caves of the Templar’s – Presentation

I gave a talk for the Minerva Study Circle on Saturday, the 24th of June! I appreciated the hospitality of the hosts and an opportunity to share my work in person.

The PowerPoint Presentation of slides is about 48 minutes long. If given the opportunity, it would have been longer! I do love my subject!

Author Gretchen Cornwall for the Minerva Study Circle

I hope you’ve had a wonderful first week of summer!

Respect yourself and others,

All my best,


5 thoughts on “Caves of the Templar’s – Presentation

  1. Fantastic talk Gretchen, I concur with you regarding the Caynton caves. One is reminded that being on one’s knees is painful however it is a sacrifice and thinking back to religious practices in Jerusalem, Châtres labyrinth etc perfectly normal. 🍻

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