I am still a Creative

I have spent a great deal of time writing, researching, and traveling. At times I have felt as if I’ve ignored the woman who enjoys bringing beautiful dreams to fruition – I have a creative past as a singer, actress, and wedding dress designer.

Though writing certainly has a creative element to it, an artistic flourish still brings a lift to my spirit.

It was uplifting, joyful, and fun to create the three following animations. All three are only a few seconds long –

If you’ve enjoyed my creative outburst, please share your favorite!

I took the photo at Temple Balsall, England in a Templar Church. The photo became the cover of my first book.
Queen Guinevere a-Maying by John Collier (1850–1934) Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood of Painters
The Damsel of the Sanct Grael by Dante Gabriel Rossetti – If you’d like to know more about Dante, please see the below documentary:
A pilgrimage to the resting place of Dante Gabriel Rossetti. The famous painter is buried in Birchington England. The churchyard of All Saints was lovely and haunting in the Fall crisp air of November. He passed on Easter Sunday 1882 and has drawn pilgrims from around the world to his side. The Celtic Cross by his friend and painter Ford Maddox Brown was stunning. I appreciated the detailed carving of the Medieval Revival cross and share some of the messages entwined in the swirling patterns of Celtic knotwork. His mother donated a stained glass memorial window to All Saints Church that I am fortunate to have taken photos of… Built-in circa 1200, the ancient church is emotive of romantic centuries past.

7 thoughts on “I am still a Creative

  1. My favourite is the Templar Knight 🤗
    Once a creative always a creative nothing can take that away from any of us that is truly within 😎

      1. I apologize Bill, it’s easy to mix up which line I am responding to in Comments… Thank you for the correction! You are indeed ‘Bill’ –

  2. Your research has unearthed some really interesting and illuminating treasures of historic knowledge. Your creative energy shines through it all.

  3. My fave is the first one – the Gretchen Cornwall Face Knights Templar! X
    Thanks for adding the Dante clip – just love the pre- raphelite movement paintings. A bow to chivalry, love, romance, honour and an antidote to the then blooming Industial Revolution, which was stripping Great Britain of its heritage and heart X
    Well done Gretchen! ⚔️⚔️⚔️💫

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