Charlemagne’s Battle Abbey

Charlemagne’s Battle Abbey, Near Rennes le Chateau played a key role in defending the mountain passes of the Pyrenees Mountains in Southern France.

Many discount Charlemagne in the bloodline theory, however, his mother was a Merovingian Princess, Bertrada of Laon.

This video is an introduction to the struggle over territory in Southern France and Northern Spain, not usually covered within the Templar story as events took place hundreds of years earlier.

During the early 8th century the Caliphate controlled Spain and the S.E. Coast of France.

Charlemagne influenced geopolitics, hearts and minds through the Abbey of Mary and St. Eglise, Lagrasse France for hundreds of years.

The abbey owned several of its own castles to help secure the S. France against the Caliphate of Spain. or

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Rennes le Chateau, photo credit Web Icon
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