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This blog was meant as a catch-up and also I’d like to apologize for the prior two emails you’ve received.  Word Press has an automated email blast feature that I tried to disable.  I’ve been communicating by secret blogs to my fellow research partners in the USA.  Sometimes the only way to do this is to lay it all out with photos and text for clarification.  Unfortunately, even though I took the proper steps, you were sent an email alert to a blog that was password protected.  In the future, I’ll take this offsite to avoid confusion.  I appreciate your patience and also interest in my research.  There is much to share with you in the months ahead.

In the last two years, I’ve been researching, traveling and writing a new book.  I’ve been to the Mid-West to see a location that I believe to be a lost Templar settlement.


It was discovered by a retired police officer who was born and raised in a forest.  I was shown the family cabin, now in a state of sad disrepair, abandoned by the twists and turns of life.

He lived a life that most would describe as ‘out of the past’.  Hunting for this man was a necessity, not a privilege.  He knows the woods and was prepared to meet bears, mountain lions and be able to lead through a dangerous wilderness.  This impressive individual was my armed guide through a wild terrain to a hidden site that few have ever set foot on for hundreds of years.  He is what I would describe as a blond Native American.  I could see that his bone structure was indigenous but he bore the coloring of his Irish ancestor.  If the world fell apart it would be he and his family that would be able to handle living off-grid!  Having stayed with his family for two weeks, I have a great deal of respect for them and the quiet dignity of my guide.

I was able to verify this hidden gem as that of a Templar settlement…

The site included a tomb, standing stone with crosses and what appeared to be the beginning stages of facing large granite boulders for a building project.  In my opinion, I believe they were intending to build a small fortress.  It would have been a relay post for travel between the North East Coast, the Great Lakes while heading west.

The Templar Cave and Knight Stone are due east of the Kensington Rune Stone.  Photos will be published in the book.  The newly discovered site verifies Viking and Knight Templar settlements on Oak Island Nova Scotia and is a link in a chain heading west.

Gretchen by Waynes truck.jpg

I believe that the Templars visiting North America were on a mission to find Prestor John, a fabled Christian King of great wisdom and wealth.

Bernard de Clairvaux, a main mastermind behind the Templars, sent men out on secret missions to find and entreat the mysterious king for help in securing the Holy Land.

It is my thought that Prestor John may have been a king out of Ethiopia, one of the earliest Christian kingdoms in Africa.  Since the kingdom was surrounded by Muslim countries, getting to Ethiopia would have been almost impossible.

The Templars may have been trying to find the country by another route.  Eventually, Templars did find their way to Ethiopia as the many churches built out of solid stone have their ‘stamp’ –

The benefits of being in North America also provided resources such as gold which was plentiful just north of Oak Island in the river Gold.  Zena Halpern discovered this possibility as to why the Vikings and Templars who followed, were drawn to the dangerous world of untamed North America.

G photographing the cave
Templar Tomb in the Mid West

I look forward to keeping you updated as to the work.  I hope to meet the publishing deadline of late summer, early fall.

Cross Pattee Carved

I have struggled to keep up with the dig on Oak Island.  As you can see I’ve not posted in many months due to the demands on my time.  I’d hoped to write a round up of the discoveries from Season Six but must skip this now and get on with my own work.

The book I am working on is a link in a chain with Oak Island as the New Jerusalem.  The coconut or coir fibers found on the island and carbon-dated to 1200 AD through five different tests can only mean one thing.  That the Knights Templar had infused the sacred aspects of the palm into the fabric of Oak Island.

It is my thought that the coconut fibers had to have been from the Holy Land as they were not to be found in North America.  Since Templars were in the Holy Land, were great navigators and the coconut fibers were dated to 1200 AD, it makes sense to this researcher that they had cultivated Oak Island as a New Jerusalem and a sacred island just off a coastline where they’d hoped to build a colony.

I studied these fibers and also was in touch with the Heritage Engineer at the Royal Chatham Dockyards in England.  They have been building ships for hundreds of years.  I was told that coconut fibers are the weakest of natural fibers.  They would only last two to three years with hard use in the Atlantic.  There would have been no reason to keep these loose fibers and transfer them from one ship to another as they would have very little value long term.  As a food source for a long journey and also packing material for objects found under Temple Mount and deposited on Oak Island for safekeeping makes sense.

The Palm is a symbol of victory in the ancient world and was used to hail Jesus the exiled King as he entered Jerusalem.  The Knights Templar were blessing Oak Island and infusing the soil with palms from the Holy Land in recognition of Palm Sunday.


Carbon dating tests are complex, this blog was not mean to discuss the findings in their entirety, but to discuss the possibilities of the coir fibers originating from the Middle East.

Since posting this blog, I decided to add an update through this video taken in early January 2020 prior to my return to England over the Christmas holiday.

Screenshot (147)

I have the utmost respect for the whole team on Oak Island.  They take criticism from the public with grace and continue to plow ahead through all obstacles presented by a difficult task.  They may not have found the vault yet, but it is such a difficult environment and task.  It is my honest thought that there must be at least six treasures buried on the island over centuries.  Some have been retrieved and others have not.

The incredible archaeology that is being found is a treasure in itself revealing the history of the island and the many desperate and determined treasure seekers and those who hid their dreams underground waiting for a better day to retrieve hidden wonders.  Hey, if it was easy, everyone would be digging for lost plunder, sacred treasures and lost golden hopes.  I wish the Oak Island team all the best, they are digging for us too!  We have the luxury of watching for one hour a week as they toil for the hidden history of Oak Island.  I hope you’ll join me in cheering them on from the sidelines.


I was also interviewed by Spaced Out Radio for two hours.  They have an outreach of 150,000 people.  I was happy to speak with the charming Tessa Nicole Thomas-Peterson.

If you’d like to hear the interview: Space Out Radio

Thank you for following me and I look forward to touching base with you soon –


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It is easy to assume that since a website can’t be held in hand that it is somehow ‘less’ than a physical book.  All the same laws that apply to publishing a book apply to a website.  Professionalism starts with crediting your fellow researcher and the author for their own work.  It is also just the honest and decent thing to do…  I work hard to give credit to those whose work I have referenced in my books.  It is an extra step, surely but one that has always been considered necessary through the lens of integrity.  Thank you…  Gretchen Cornwall

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  1. Thank you Gretchen for the lmportant & fascinating work you’re doing. I look forward to reading the new book…….

    1. Tammy, thank you for reading my work, I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the book –

  2. Your work is fascinating. When I looked at a list of the leaders of the Knights Templar, I was impressed with how many of them have Acadian names.

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