Happy New Year

I wish you and yours a very Happy 2020!!!

Happy New Year 2020
Author Gretchen Cornwall at Canterbury Cathedral England

As part of my New Year’s Well Wish to You & Yours, I’ve recorded two videos I’d like to share.

The Knights Templar, a Unifying Subject?



An Illegally Elected Pope?  Evidence the Knights Templar Continued Their Traditions in a Post 1307 World.

The past year has been very busy indeed with ongoing research into the Knights Templar.  I visited a lost Templar settlement on the Mohican Reservation in Wisconsin.  The book was released in November and is available on Amazon and all major book platforms.

Currently, I am in Seattle with family and friends, wondering what research will catch my attention in the months ahead…  I have plans to continue research in France with a publication to follow.

I am looking forward to 2020 with high expectation and a few surprises for you tossed in for good measure!

I hope the year ahead is kind to you and yours!  With many blessings!


Gretchen Cornwall

G Profile Pic Whitstable Castle copy
Gretchen Cornwall at Whitstable Castle, England.


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