Templar T-Shirt, Mug & Hoodie

I am thrilled to be creating again! I am publishing in a different medium other than the written word!

I have so enjoyed the process of creating a Templar T-Shirt, Mug and a Hoodie!

The phrase, ‘Never Underestimate an Old Templar’ has been haunting me for a few years now… I finally unleased him upon the world and your wardrobe!

This Knight did not reach his age by being foolish and stares out at us from his years of battle hardened experience tinged with hard won wisdom. He is guiding the next generation and keeping traditions alive over hundreds of years and handing them down to us today…

I hope you enjoy my homage to the Order and also those men and some women who are responsible for the mysterious order of the Knights Templar.

I had been a medieval fantasy dress designer before writing took over, now I am able to use this creative side to meld my love of the Templar world and mysteries into wearable art and reminders for our daily life.

I am also back to writing and hope to release a new book on Oak Island and the mysteries behind Zena Halpern’s famous map! I so look forward to sharing my findings with you in late spring into early summer.

Do send me a photo of you with your Mug, T-Shirt or Hoodie – I would love to see it! I will add it to my Reader’s Album on Facebook.

I will be extending the entire shop to the USA and the UK for the now… Depending on the exchange rates, I may include Canada, but we’ll have to see how it goes.

As time goes on, I will release more high quality designs and I DO have one for the Dame’s of the Templar world coming out soon! We ladies of the realm want to be included with our brothers!

Currently the shop has five sections:

My Personalized and Signed Books

Templar T-Shirts, Mugs & Hoodies 

Gretchen’s Photography Mugs & Decorations

The Templar Armory (Still growing)

The Camelot Shop (Romantic Pre-Raphaelite Paintings)

All will grow as time goes on…

I am very happy to have extended myself into this creative area, allowing me to use my skills and talents…

Thank you for following my work,

Respect yourself, Respect others…

Warm regards,


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