Reviews of Templars: Ep 1 & 2- Thank you!

I put out a call for assistance and you responded! I wanted to say thank you to the following for watching and leaving reviews for the documentary film series:


The director, Luca Centoni had spoken with Amazon to ask why we were not coming up higher in the search feature. They told him if we had 10 reviews that would help the algorithms find the series. Now that we have reviews, the series is more prominent.

It had originally been on Amazon with over 6 million viewers and plenty of reviews! He took it down when Amazon changed its terms and conditions. It is not uncommon for platforms to change the rules on authors, creatives, and filmmakers. It can be adversely impactful. The ‘atmosphere’ at Amazon is more conducive again and Luca has opted to relaunch the series with them after negotiations.

Thank you to the following friends for contributing to the relaunch of the series!


no1pinkpanther – Elizabeth Ashley the Secret Healer – Drew thedruid


Leland L. Cargle – Ruby Alexandra Beloz – Ramona Greene – Kathleen A. Ball – Andrea – Alan Hochman – Rev. Rhonda Schienle – Susan Sinclair Ayres – Jan Anderson – Susan Schroder – David D. Meyer – Bonnie Hinman

We so appreciate you!

Episode 3 is in full swing! I finished writing the text for the narrator on Sunday –

Warm Voice is the handle of English Voice Actor, Martyn

– He completed his work early in the week and now the film is in the hands of the composer!

Episode 3 The Sinclair Legacy will be out in October 2022! Just weeks away!

If you’d like to see Episodes 1 & 2 before 3 is out –

Visit Amazon Prime in the US and UK:

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