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Templars: Ep 3 The Sinclair Legacy – Behind the Scenes

Gretchen Cornwall – Following Zena Halpern

Behind-the-scenes footage and photos of Templars: Ep 3 The Sinclair Legacy – From Italy to England, Scotland, Orkney Islands! Directory Luca Centoni ambitiously filmed South to North and back again in Great Britain and Europe.

He and his son, Paolo E. Centoni filmed ancient locations and medieval sites such as Temple Church in London. The images in this video are only a teaser of what is to come and certainly not the best either! Stay tuned!

Enjoy the images from Cremona Italy! Said to be the location of the Cremona Documents kept in the church of San Sigismondo in the 15th century. The Church of San Sigismondo is stunning and built in the Baroque style by military engineer, Bartolomeo Gadio.

The church celebrates the marriage of two warring families and peace between the houses of Sforza and Visconti. It is a feast for the eyes and of course, plays an important role in the story of Zena Halpern’s Map of Oak Island. The bell tower is octagonal which is an important architectural feature of Knights Templar building practices.

The Templars have a long history of octagonal or round tower construction. The church began construction in 1441 over the original medieval church.

Photography by Paolo Emilio Centoni and Luca Centoni “The Sinclair Legacy” of the Templars – The TV Series starting from Cremona, north Italy 🎬 🎥 http://www.templars-tv.com

It will air on Amazon Prime in October of 2022.

Please see the trailer on YouTube for the second film: Templars The Medici Mystery – Official Trailer Episodes 1 and 2 are available on Amazon Prime: https://www.amazon.com/Templars/dp/B0…

In the UK and USA on Amazon Prime

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